Our Services

Amazon Consulting is one of the most experienced EU Funding consulting companies.

We have applied for grants totalling more than 85 million euros for projects across various industries, including technology, telecommunication, shipping, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Amazon Consulting undertakes the following steps to ensure that your company will receive a grant and a sovereignty seal status:

  1. Assess the prospects of your projects or startup.
  2. Analyse the existing funding opportunities, tenders, legislation, and policies.
  3. Identify the relevant EU sources of funding for the project and develop an appropriate initial funding strategy.
  4. Initiate a channel of communication between your company and the EU authorities.
  5. Collect relevant documentation (e.g., organization chart, feasibility studies, business plans, building permits, patents, leasing agreements etc.)
  6. Prepare EU regulation-compliant business plans/feasibility studies.
  7. Complete and submit applications.
  8. Conduct negotiations and interviews with EU officials.
  9. Use Amazon Consulting’s extensive network of policymakers, politicians, academics, commissioners to present your project and demonstrate how it aligns with the goals of the EU.
  10. Draft reports presenting the project’s progress during the different phases.