Sovereignty Seal

The EU Sovereignty Seal is a mark of excellence awarded to superior projects that further the goals of the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform. The sovereignty seal aims to enhance the visibility of innovative projects and draw in both public and private investments.

Understanding the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP)

STEP is an EU initiative designed to foster investments in key and innovative technologies.

This is achieved through the introduction of new legislation and the financing of initiatives related to:

  • Deep and digital technologies (e.g. microelectronics, high-performance computing, quantum computing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc.)
  • Clean technologies (e.e. renewable energy, sustainable alternative fuels, carbon capture, energy effficency, water purification, nanomateriasl etc).
  • Bio technologies (e.g. biomolecules, biomanufacturing etc.)

Functioning of the Sovereignty Seal

Projects that excel in the competitive selection process of calls for proposals under EU funding programs, including Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, European Defence Fund, EU4Health, or the Innovation Fund, are granted the Sovereignty Seal.

If a top-tier project fails to secure funding due to limited budget availability in the program it applied for, the Sovereignty Seal ensures easier access to alternative funding sources under STEP.

Eligibility Criteria

Entities like companies or organizations that have sought funding through EU programs such as Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, EU4Health, European Defence Fund, or the Innovation Fund can benefit, provided their projects align with STEP objectives and meet the quality standards set by the calls for proposals.

Advantages of the Sovereignty Seal

The Seal not only assists in attracting public and private investments by validating the project’s alignment with STEP goals but also facilitates access to various EU funding opportunities.

Companies with the Sovereignty Seal are regarded as strategic EU partners, receiving preferential treatment in future funding endeavors and participating in committees when new legislation is drafted.