Who can get EU funding

EU funding is accessible to all businesses located in the member states of the European Union.

Contrary to the common belief that the EU only finances companies focusing on environmental causes, human rights, social justice, innovation, or R&D, the truth is that the EU supports any company or project that is aligned with its aims (for-profit or non-profit projects and startups).

There are various funding programmes financing different types of startups, projects, and business activities.

Member states through their ministries also directly implement certain programmes offering funding opportunities.

Each funding programme and individual call has its specific criteria.

For grants, after confirming that your proposal is admissible and meets the eligibility requirements, independent experts typically initiate the selection process by evaluating and scoring your proposal based on specific selection and award criteria.

EU funding caters to enterprises of all sizes across various sectors, including entrepreneurs, startups, micro enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as larger companies.

Annually, the EU supports over 200,000 businesses. Amazon Consulting can help you apply for a grant or participate in a procurement procedure if your company undertakes projects that promote EU goals. These projects may also be conducted outside the EU.

Companies seeking substantial industrial procurement contracts might find opportunities in calls for tender under programmes such as ITER, Copernicus, or Galileo.

Additionally, companies have access to various financing options, including business loans, microfinance, guarantees, and venture capital.