Company Registration

Cyprus is regarded as a major global business hub, with over 225,000 international firms.

The island’s attractive tax policies and high quality of life are drawing more entrepreneurs and investors.

These businesspeople are not only establishing companies in Cyprus but also opting to make it their permanent home.

Amazon Consulting can help open your own company in Cyprus by offering the following services:

  • Registering a company.
  • Offering nominee shareholder services.
  • Providing nominee director and secretary services.
  • Conducting KYC, AML, and Due Diligence checks.
  • Delivering corporate governance solutions.
  • Enrolling in VAT and Tax Office services.
  • Registering with the Social Security Service.
  • Managing accounting for income/expenses, particularly under Intellectual Property Box Regime.
  • Facilitating the registration of trademarks and patents.
  • Preparing annual audited financial statements for the company.
  • Offering comprehensive office organization services.
  • Assisting in obtaining work permits.
  • Helping with bank account opening.
  • Facilitating visa procurement for individuals and their families (Pink & Yellow Slip).
  • Conducting financial analysis and creating feasibility studies for startups.
  • Offering insurance-related services.
  • Registering trademarks and logos.