Administration Service

At Amazon Consulting, we offer comprehensive management and administrative services for your company, covering a range of jurisdictions including Luxembourg, Netherlands, Cyprus, Latvia, Seychelles, Malta, Belize, and the British Virgin Islands.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Creating and reviewing documents associated with a company’s share transfer.
  • Managing changes in the company’s Directors/Secretary/registered office, and filing necessary forms with the Company Register.
  • Acquiring corporate certificates from the Company Register.
  • Drafting decisions of the Board of Directors and shareholders, along with recording minutes of their meetings.
  • Preparing and filing annual reports and financial statements with the Company Register.
  • Composing and legally reviewing powers of attorney.
  • Providing guidance on various corporate issues, such as share purchases and other financial instruments.
  • Keeping statutory books and records for the company.
  • Creating and reviewing contracts with an eye on tax and legal implications.
  • Handling phone, fax, mail, and electronic communications related to your company.
  • Preparing documentation for a company’s liquidation or removal from the Company Register, including submitting all necessary forms.